Where Cool Came From Season 2 premieres Fall 2015

Okay, now it can be told: WCCF is back and we’ve got an amazing bunch of stories to bring to you! I know what you’re thinking, “Dave, how on earth can things get more interesting than your insightful look into pop culture trends such as tattoos, coffee, analogue music, vinyl records, vintage motels and super-cool Modernist architecture? How?!?”

Gee, when you put it that way, it makes me feel insecure and confused. But WAIT! I’m not insecure: NO, I’m confident that you’re going to love our new batch of webisodes.


Why? Well, our team is going deeper into what’s cool; yes, we’re examining the language of cool and how it came from jazz music but now appears in scholarly dictionaries. We’re examining current trends to see if they have the staying power to be timeless, such as the return to men’s grooming and those big bushy beards we’ve all been seeing in big cities across the US and Canada. And we’re getting in touch with our inner nerd to explore topics such as live-action role playing (LARPing) and video games (we may even interview one of the creators of one of the first video games ever invented!).

Oh, there’s more. But it depends on how much you want me to tease you! Okay, twist my rubber arm. Get a load of these: graffiti and the gentrification of cities.


There are even more but I’ve got to leave a few things to your imagination. Trust me, however, when I say that I’m very excited about what’s upcoming, and I can’t wait to hear what you think, too!

Until then, I remain,
Yours in coolness,
Dave LeBlanc

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