Watch Part 3 of ‘Searching for 1955′

And with this, you’ve seen all three parts of our search. The conclusion to our original web mini-series is live! Tune in –>

Did we find 1955 – 1965? In many ways, no, we didn’t: We found the archeological remains. A special era depends upon a unique set of conditions that will probably never assemble themselves in the same way again.


But that doesn’t mean the spirit of that time is lost. You can see it alive in the eyes of those kids I talked to at the Drive-In, or the preservationists who fight to save pieces of “Googie” architecture when it’s threatened.

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I think people like Elon Musk, with his desire to change the world with sustainable technology, or companies like Apple, who make technology friendly and simple to use, would fit right into that Magic Decade, too.

Anyone, really, who isn’t afraid of the future, who believes that technology can be used for good rather than evil, and, on a less earth-shattering note, dresses up a little and believes that manners still have a place in society…THEY help to keep that era alive also.

And, upon reflection, I’ve decided I don’t really want to go and live permanently in 1955 – 1965. It’s a nice place to visit, but the twenty-first century is pretty freakin’ cool too.

Yours in Coolness,

Dave LeBlanc




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