Vinyl Rules!

It’s hard to believe, but yes, there was a time before the internet, smart phones and home computers; and we got along just fine thank you very much. Here’s the newest webisode on Vinyl. Check it out!

There’s no doubt that the digital revolution has made things more convenient, to the point where we’ve gotten almost bored by it all; nobody seems all that impressed anymore that you can carry 1000 songs in your phone. In the search for something new and exciting, people have turned to something old: analogue technology, the way things were done before we digitized our lives.

Take the amazing rebirth of vinyl records, sales have been doubling yearly and many bands now skip CD releases all together.  People have started shopping at record stores again, and, as Dave discovers, it’s not just old dudes in beards.Making new vinyl records requires some old-school skills which some select people still possess, as Dave learns from visiting a vinyl mastering facility, it’s not just robots stamping out records.  Master discs are individually cut under the careful eye of Dietrich Schoenemann who shows Dave “The Black Arts”.


But Dave is a bit skeptical, is this just a fad, a way to make listening to music more of an occasion, or does vinyl actually sound better?  Dave experiences a mind-blowing listening test, courtesy of Kurt Martens of Essential Audio, comparing vinyl, CD and mp3, you’ll be surprised by what he finds out!

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