Ditch the Digital – This goes to 11

A guitarist’s best friend, besides their guitar, has to be their amp!  And, as Dave discovers, nothing beats an amp that’s powered by some seriously old-school technology, vacuum tubes! Watch our newest webisode ‘Ditch the Digital’ now!  http://www.wherecoolcamefrom.com/video/this-goes-to-11/


Long before your TV set hung on a wall like a painting, it was a big wooden box filled with glowing glass tubes; they were hot, heavy and fragile.  Those days are long gone as tubes were replaced by transistors, which were replaced by integrated circuits.  So why is it that musicians seem to prefer big heavy amplifiers filled with these archaic devices?  Dave finds out what happens when you turn one of these things up to “11”.



And when “11” just isn’t enough, where do you go from there?  Dave visits industrial noise artist Huren to find out what happens when you push your gear over the edge, where no computer dares to go!



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