Where there’s smoke….

Spirit in the Smoke

In our smoking episode, Dave explores the development of tobacco smoking from its ceremonial use by First Nations in the Americas to its spread across the globe. He gets his chance to smoke the Persian way as Zein Adris teaches him about the Middle Eastern tradition of the hookah pipe.

The Hollywood Factor

What’s a film noir without a smoking femme fatale? The silver screen has been smoke-filled since Edison’s first films.  Sharing a bag of popcorn with film critic Richard Crouse, Dave delves into how the power of Hollywood helped bring cigarettes to the lips of millions.

On the Vapour Trail

Dave traces the rise and fall (and resurrection) of the popularity of cigars and even learns to roll his own at the last Cuban cigar factory in North America. He also ponders the future of smoking with the new trend of ‘vaping’ with e-cigarettes.

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