Searching for 1955 premieres today!

Hey cool friends,

We’re thrilled to premiere part 1 of our documentary “Searching for 1955″.

Dave LeBlanc is a man obsessed by that post-war era of mass consumption and exuberant belief in progress between 1955 and 1965 known as “The Magic Decade”…at least his particular version of it.  Dave chooses to live like the Love and Beads Generation never happened, he’s a walking Don Draper wannabe long before Mad Men ever hit the airwaves.  

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But sometimes he wonders…is his obsession with the mid-century, that time of optimistic futurism, based on reality?  What about the Cold War and the dark shadow cast by the atomic bomb?  Is that why everyone was drinking cocktails and smoking like chimneys?  

WCCF_EP012_Screenshot 26

Leaving his carefully constructed lifestyle in the suburbs behind he goes on a journey to discover the truth, were things really better, more ‘authentic’ in the “good old days?  Or is the Mid-Century a time best forgotten?  Can he find out:  what happened to yesterday’s tomorrow?

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