Retro Life Part 2 – Rockabilly’s Eternal Teenagers

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There’s no denying that some of us have been living the “Retro Life” for a lot longer than others.  The Rockabilly subculture is in its fourth decade and still going strong, and every major metropolis–from the near west to the far east–has a thriving scene.


The great thing about Rockabilly, which takes its name from the rock/hillbilly-hybrid music of the 1950s, is that it’s such an established look (think pompadours and big pleated pants on guys and crinolined dresses, Bettie Page bangs and tattoos on girls), it has crossed into the mainstream, and into other retro groups: Rockabillies are comfortable mingling with tikiphiles, swing-dancers, vintage car enthusiasts, new wavers and those obsessed with mid-century modern furniture.  That’s why Dave and legendary Bopcats drummer Teddy Fury get along so damn well!

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