Retro Leisure Sports

For most of my life, I’ve tried to avoid playing sports.  Yeah, as an 8- or 10-year-old I threw around a football with other kids on my street, played street hockey and rode my BMX bike like a stunt-driver, but I hated gym class and I tried to use my asthma as an excuse as much as possible.



I wasn’t a ‘joiner’ for team sports in high school, either, even though I was told as a stocky 13-year-old that I’d be perfect for the football team. Oh, and there was this one time, while working at a branch of our public library in my teens, that my co-workers and I formed a baseball team and played other branches…but baseball doesn’t really count, you know?  There’s a lot of standing around with only short bursts of athleticism in baseball.

The result is I’ve gone through life wondering if I’ve missed out on something. Sports are so important to our culture, after all, and I know plenty of people who devote quite a lot of time and money to perfect their game, whatever game they choose.  I know that people are nuts about collecting sports paraphernalia, too.  On top of all that, the sense of community that sporting and leisure activities create is wonderful, and we need to strengthen our communities, don’t we?  That’s not to mention the exercise you get, which is something I could use, since walking is about all I do on a regular basis.


Since I’ve always been more of an artsy, quirky kinda guy (and a retro-dork), I thought it might be COOL to see if there is a sport out there that speaks to me.  A lot of ‘new’ sports gaining popularity are really old sports that our grandparents played, but twisted just a little to re-invent them, and I like that notion of everything old is new again.

So: To bowl or not to bowl?  And what’s up with flying knives?  Fishing can’t be cool again, can it?


We’re about to find out, on Where COOL Came From. Season 2 premieres this Friday, beginning with Retro Leisure Sports!

Yours in coolness,


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