New Webisode – Room at the Inn

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People have always needed places to stop over and lay their head while on the road. One particular couple, a long time ago, found “no room at the inn”…and had to settle for a stable.

Today, however, the hotel ante keeps getting upped: besides cleanliness, folks now want luxury, uniqueness and architectural character, and all at reasonable prices.  So, the “boutique hotel” was born to fill that need, and Where Cool Came from explores one of the best, Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, an 1889 charmer that was saved after a long period of neglect.


But has this kind of unique luxury always been around? After tucking himself into the Gladstone’s crisp sheets, our host dreams about the sorts of places that were available to weary travelers back in the 1800s: it turns out he might have to get to know his fellow guests a little more intimately than he thought!

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