New Webisode – Hotels – Do Not Disturb!

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Craving less-formal lodgings, Where Cool Came From decides to check out and check in at some old-school motor-hotels.

But in an age of budget chains with look-a-like rooms, where can one go to see what the original motels looked like?  Five and six decades later, are there any postwar motels left to bunk down in?


Wildwood, New Jersey, boasts North America’s highest concentration of 1950s and 60s motels in existence; in recent years, it’s become a destination for folks looking to re-create that authentic experience.  Wildwood has even given their motels style its own name: “Doo-Wop” architecture.

Our host checks into one of the wildest of all the Doo-Wop motels, The Caribbean, which looks like something out of “The Jetsons.”   All swoops and curves and filled with period furniture, it’s hard to believe, but The Caribbean was recently added to the National Trust for Historic Preservations “Historic Hotels of America” list—imagine that, a 1950s motel on the national register!

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