Our last webisode of season 1! Dreaming of Wires

Electronic music is everywhere these days, but did you know it’s been around for more than half a century?  Though everyone can make a tune on their laptop these days, the pioneers of electronic music used expensive “modular” synthesizers, giant cable and knob infested devices, to create the strange new sounds that changed music forever. Tune into the season finale of Where Cool Came From!


Modular synthesizers went extinct around the early 1970’s, replaced by digital keyboards, followed by laptops and software based instruments.  But over the last few years, a new breed of modular has emerged, and the once obsolete instrument is undergoing a modern-day renaissance.  You won’t find them at your neighbourhood Guitar Centre, but a growing number of small manufacturers have created a cottage industry of inexpensive and highly customizable components that can help you create your own, unique sound.



Dave travels to Brooklyn to meet up with musician Robert A.A. Lowe to try out one of these modern day modulars and, hopefully, generate his own unique musical sounds.  It sure isn’t as easy as clicking a mouse, but putting in that extra time to get something special you can call your own is all part of ditching the digital, and going analogue!



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