Hotels Part 3 is now live! Happy Trailers

Imagine a hotel room you can take with you wherever you go!

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Well, they already exist, and they’ve been around for almost as long as the wheel.  Yes, travel-trailers come in all shapes and sizes—from the tiny Canadian Boler to the better-known shiny American Streamline—and, these days, more and more are being restored and re-hitched as families look for inexpensive ways to take the family on vacation.

trailer 3
trailer 2

But Where Cool Came From isn’t your average show.  To really understand trailers and the kind of people that love them, we’re off to the high California desert to visit the owner of “Hicksville,” a secret artist’s colony filled with “themed” trailers, where Dave will learn a thing or two about “glamping” (that’s glamorous camping)…and…uh…zombies?

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