New Webisode – Glass House on a Hill

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What happened to that “can-do” spirit of the 1950s and 60s?

Back then, architects used all sorts of new materials –glass, steel, plastics, and even aluminum—to push the envelope and test new ways of living. Albert Frey, a Swiss architect, tapped into that spirit when he relocated to Palm Springs. There, he built Frey House I in 1941, an almost all-glass house, and Frey House II in 1964. As well as using new materials, Frey decided that his second home would be built on an unbuildable lot on the side of a mountain, and, further, he’d allow a HUGE rock to come inside and take up residence beside his bed!

After exploring Frey’s work, Where Cool Came From checks out a house made almost entirely of aluminum in Rochester, NY. Alcoa’s space-age, 1957 “Care-Free” home—which feels a little like living inside a Christmas ornament—becomes the setting for our host and homeowner Steve Plouffe to cook up some TV dinners and mix a few martinis.


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