Hats Hats Hats!

A little bit of History and Other Haberdashery

Until the late-1960s, men put on hats almost as often as their underpants.  Born when hats died, our fortysomething host took up hat-wearing in the 1990s as an inexpensive way to cover his ever-expanding bald spot, but found they also made him feel more ‘put-together’ too.  But why have noggins have been topped with crowns, cones and furs for centuries?  To truly understand why “the hat makes the man,” Dave puts on his deerstalker and visits fashion historian Ingrid Mida.

Fast forward to present day… 

Yes, hats are back for the celebrity crowd, but are they the only ones driving 21st century fashion?  Is our host a trendsetter, lemming or hipster doofus?  For a question that big, Dave calls on the legendary Jeanne Beker.


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