Dave LeBlanc continues the search for cool…

Many of the topics we brought to you on Where Cool Came From’s first kick at the can—hats, motels, Modernist homes, cocktails—were familiar to your humble host. As an architecture writer who wears a hat as he visits a great many homes (where he might be offered a drink), and as someone who stays in motels when he’s on the road, it was a lot like Linus van Pelt snuggling under his warm security blanket.



CARS_Ep_1_Still001Now, baby, for this second run of episodes, we are stomping all over that blanket and then SETTING IT ON FIRE! Well, not quite, but we are going outside of my comfort zone. We’re going to tackle things that are a little bit controversial, possibly illegal, supremely silly, and will definitely dig further into the heart of what makes cool, COOL!



-Dave LeBlanc

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