Booze Part 2

Thirst.  We’ve all got it.  And for many folks, lemonade just won’t cut it.  That’s why when the Volstead Act came into effect in 1920, booze didn’t disappear overnight.  In fact, for some it was a license to print money!  And cities that shared a border with a very wet country called “Canada” were hotbeds of activity…such as Detroit.
At Tommy’s Detroit Bar and Grill, we go underground, literally, to uncover a piece of Prohibition’s past that may also be haunted.
Then, it’s off to the Big Apple to see how Prohibition-era drinks are making a comeback.  And while the cops won’t be banging on the doors of these new watering holes, you may have trouble finding them, since, like in the old days, many are found behind secret doors.
Part 2 of our Booze webisode launches next Wednesday!
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