Booze Part 1 – Beer

It’s funny that, to some, planning in April, planting in May and harvesting their own vegetables in August is a pleasure.  To me, it’s drudgery, it’s work, and it’s far easier to go to the farmer’s market or grocery store.

Yet I’ll wait a year or more for the “right” piece of vintage furniture to cross my path–looking at the empty space where I’d like it to go!–rather than go buy something new.  I guess that’s why they call them hobbies, right?  If you didn’t enjoy the process, well, it wouldn’t be a hobby!



Recently, the same can be said of beer.  Thousands of folks are amateur brewmasters now, and have formed collectives and clubs to support their hobby.  Others sink hundreds of thousands to open brewpubs.  And me?  Well, I’ll try anything once, so I’ve got my beer-making kit ready to go…and a nagging feeling I’d rather just go buy a pint at the pub!

Part 1 of our Booze webisode launches next Monday!

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