Cars part 3 – Two Wheels Good?

Dave is worried, he loves driving, it’s the coolest way to get from point A to point B; but if the fossil fuel era is coming to a close and the end of happy motoring is near, how will we get around in the future?

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Dave travels to Detroit, the birthplace of the automobile to find the answer, and it may ride on two wheels instead of four.


Motown, the car-city, has ironically become a mecca for that pedal-powered, tubular framed mode of transportation known as the bicycle!  From a working bike factory to the world’s largest industrial ruin, Dave pedals his way through the history and possible future of transportation.




The New Shape of Motion. Cars part 1 is live!

Are cars cool?  Do we even need to ask?  But how do car designers know what the public will accept as “cool”?  Dave visits a place that few mortals ever get to see, the General Motors Heritage Centre, where you can find the secret weapons that drove car design for the last century:  concept cars. Watch it now! –>


These fantasies on four wheels gave designers a chance to go wild without the fear of bankrupting the company.




Showcased at auto-shows, these one-off fantasy cars were used to gauge public opinion and they gave birth to such innovations as sliding doors, power windows and collision detectors.  Some of their features didn’t last, the most famous being the tail fin…but who knows?  Perhaps the tail fin will rise again in the next “dream car of tomorrow”.





Gagdets part 3 – Hack Your Life!

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Surrounded by technology today and with more on the way–Google Glass anyone?–there is bound to be backlash.  At an event called “Maker Faire,” Dave meets techopreneurs looking to take things back to their grassroots.



At Toronto’s Hacklab, he meets a group taking technology apart, changing it, and then putting it back together!  Warm up your soldering irons!



Gadgets Part 1- Phasers on Stun


Where Cool Came From has  just released  part 1 of our 3 part series on Gadgets. In this webisode award-winning sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyer shows Dave his tech-toys. Tune in and watch the video here —>

Technology is such a part of our lives, we’ve become blind to it. But there was a time when cool gadgets were exclusive to spies and science fiction heroes on film and television–leaving average people to dream. Dave visits Hugo- and Nebula-award winning sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyer to talk 1960s tech…and Trek!

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Smoking part 2 – The Hollywood Factor

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In this webisode, Dave learns how the power of the movies was used to sell smokes.

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smoking blog

What’s a film noir without a smoking femme fatale? The silver screen has been smoke-filled since Edison’s first films. Sharing a bag of popcorn with film critic Richard Crouse, Dave delves into how the power of Hollywood helped bring cigarettes to the lips of millions.

Cars part 2 is live! – Electric Dreams

Give up cars?  Many believe the era of the gas guzzler is rapidly coming to an end, and Dave isn’t too happy about it, what could be the answer?
Some believe the electric car will keep us on the road, but will we have to give up the romance of the luxury vehicle or the thrill of the muscle car? Watch cars part 2 now!


Dave gets a chance to drive what may be the ultimate solution for those who just can’t bear to ride the bus….the Tesla.  An all-electric car that with zero emissions and zero compromise when it comes to luxury and speed.  But before our host gets too excited, there’s one little problem…can you guess what it is?




Gadgets Part 2 is now live! Film’s Not Dead

It’s that time again! We just launched part two of our series on gadgets! Watch now!

Kicking it old-skool with Super 8, Dave discovers film is way more fun than his iPhone!


Although dad really wanted all those whizz-bang gadgets he saw on 1960s television, there was one pretty amazing tech-toy he could own: the Super 8 movie camera. Kind of like the iPhone of its day, the Super 8 reigned until video came along in the 1980s. In 2014, a growing number of people are rediscovering its unpredictable charms!

Smoking part 3 – On the Vapour Trail

Where Cool Came From has released part 3 of our series on smoking! In this webisode, Dave rolls his own cigar then ‘vapes’ an e-cigarette.

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Only a little out of breath, Dave traces the rise and fall (and resurrection) of the popularity of cigars and even learns to roll his own at the last Cuban cigar factory in North America. He also ponders the future of smoking with the new trend of ‘vaping’ with e-cigarettes.


New Webisode – Spirit in the Smoke

We begin our exploration of smoking with a traditional hookah!

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Dave explores the development of tobacco smoking from its ceremonial use by First Nations in the Americas to its wildfire spread across the globe. He gets a chance to smoke the Persian way as Zein Adris teaches him about the Middle Eastern tradition of the hookah pipe.




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